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Connect your websites, cloud processes, and apps —automate workflows.

Easy automation for businesses. Zapier automatically moves information between your applications so you can focus on your most important work.

Zapier Automation
How does Zapier work?

Process Automation with Zapier: In short, Zapier is a user-friendly web service that automates actions between different web applications that are used daily.

Zapier Examples
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Integration of Zapier

Link your web applications with just a few clicks so you can exchange data. Create complex cloud automations with Zapier and Wemakefuture.

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Automation with Zapier

Share information between your applications through workflows with our Zaps. Wemakefuture expands Zapier with Python and Javascript. Cloud process automation with Zapier.

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Innovation by Zapier

Faster process build-up and more performance—no code required. Zapier Partner Germany and Zapier expert Wemakefuture helps with simple and complex scenarios.

How can Zapier automate our company?

Find out more. Free advice on Zapier in Germany.

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Automated companies

Experts in automation

Savings. Speed. Satisfaction.

Zapier allows you to easily connect the web applications you use, which in turn makes it easy for you to automate redundant and rare tasks. The integration of different programs is possible with Zapier via API (interfaces). Connect almost all cloud tools to improve your organization and productivity.

Zapier and APIs

Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your enterprise applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Slack, MailChimp and over 2,000 more. We connect more applications to automate repetitive tasks without the tedious API programming that often costs companies six-figure sums. We map far more complex scenarios, from complete automation of crafts business to communication automation in corporations. Here’s an everyday understandable example: You get email attachments in your Gmail account and you want to save them to Dropbox. Each time you receive an attachment, you can open the email, click the attachment, and then save it to Dropbox. Or you can have Zapier automate this for you, saving time and effort.

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Automation of tasks with Zapier

Let Zapier take over your tasks and dedicate yourself to the important things.

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No more manual work by Zapier

Zapier helps you transform into a digital age company and saves manual work.

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Use actions and triggers in Zapier

Zapier allows you to integrate a wide variety of applications into your system landscape.

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Easy to track thanks to Zapier Logs and Files

Zapier supports and informs in the event of an error and helps to efficiently detect and correct errors.

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Higher customer satisfaction in the customer journey

With the help of Zapier, you can respond automatically and quickly to customer questions and improve your customer experience.

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Cost savings through Zapier automation

Save time and therefore costs with the help of Zapier. Individually automate modular business processes.

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30 minutes free Zapier consultation.

Can our processes be automated? Arrange a first free consultation with us. We advise you and offer our expertise.

Or send us a message.

Why Zapier with Wemakefuture?

Zapier certified experts Wemakefuture

Zapier is unique in automation software—if you need a complex task, Zapier can find exactly the data you’re looking for every time.

Wemakefuture as a Zapier expert helps to map complex automation in the cloud.

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Central points:
Zapier is the connection of more than 2,000 web applications and cloud systems.
Zaps are workflows that connect your applications so they can communicate with each other.
Zaps automate your tasks in the background so you can focus on more important tasks.

The credentials you use to connect your accounts to Zapier are protected by security encryption otherwise used in banks.
The only actions Zapier takes for your accounts are those necessary to execute the Zaps you create.
The raw data zapier sends to other services on your behalf is stored for 7 days for troubleshooting and continuously deleted afterwards.
The user-side task history is stored for longer periods of time (approximately 3 months, never longer than 4 months) so that you can monitor the Zapier activity and play back errors.

Code steps are a way to extend Zapier to run small snippets of Python or JavaScript as part of your Zaps. Here we connect your API individually, if possible.

No bugs

Fast data processes

No expensive individual programming

Connect thousands of applications

First-class support with Wemakefuture

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