Power Automate

Automation for businesses in the Microsoft universe with Office 365.

Automate processes in the Microsoft™ cloud.

Power Automate Automation

Process automation with Power Automate. Discover a better way to get things done in your business through digital and robot-assisted process automation.



Build time-saving workflows, from individual tasks to large systems with seamless integration through hundreds of connections and interfaces.


Automation for all

Enable everyone to create secure workflows with a code-free experience and cloud-based data loss prevention-, identity-, and access management- services. Wemakefuture accompanies you on the way.


Profit and Opportunities

Automate time-consuming and manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities to give you more time to focus on strategic and complex tasks.

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Power Automate Cloud Automation

Power Automate Cloud Automation

Power Automate is the cloud automation tool from Microsoft and therefore specialised in the Office365 environment. This means that not only any Microsoft applications, but also many other tools, such as Twitter, GSuite or Youtube, can be automated in the cloud. Since Microsoft Office products are widely used in companies, individual and targeted automations are possible.


All in one licence

Power Automate is included in the Office356 licence. This means that you may have been paying for the tool for a long time without using it. For the native Microsoft environment, Power Automate offers the most comprehensive integration options and is therefore particularly suitable for companies that are almost exclusively at home in the Microsoft Cloud. Through numerous conditions and filters, even complex automations are created.

Automation consultancy.

Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you free of charge, independently and offer our expertise.

Why Power Automate

with wemakefuture?

As a Microsoft partner, we help companies succeed in the Office365 Cloud, and as a certified expert in business processes, we design successful digital customer journeys and innovations.

Connect workflows to hundreds of data sources using a library of connectors and common data service—successfully combine your data with a single application as you uncover insights and customize and extend the capabilities of Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

Power Automate drives business transformation.
Learn how Power Automate and Power Apps have enabled companies to reduce development costs and increase overall efficiency in this study commissioned by Total Economic Impact™. This enabled 362% ROI to be increased over three years through automated processes. 70% of the costs of developing apps was reduced and 15% improved the efficiency of business processes in the third year.

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