Pipedrive Partner Germany

Pipedrive CRM Integration & Partner for Pipedrive in Germany

Let’s create a world where anyone can sell anywhere and with success. Pipedrive is the CRM of choice for salespeople in scaling companies. Together we can make sales unstoppable with Pipedrive and Wemakefuture as a German partner.

Pipedrive: How does Pipedrive work?

Pipedrive is a sales and team-oriented customer relationship management tool, CRM Pipedrive, that teams of all sizes use. More than 90,000 customers in 155 countries trust in Pipedrive. Its powerful design, sales automation and ease of use come first. When using Pipedrive, no lead and customer is lost, so your team can spend less time on storage and more time for sales with an agile and powerful CRM.

Pipedrive Partner Germany

Integration von Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM possibilities: Use Pipedrive in Germany and use a sales CRM that is designed for minimal input and maximum output. Telephone, e-mail, appointment, automation and 1,000 ways to make sales more successful.

Zapier Experten und Partner Deutschland

Automation with Zapier

Pipedrive Zapier Support: When the Pipedrive Marketplace is pushing its limits, we help with individual automatisms around Zapier and Pipedrive. Virtually every step around your CRM can be automated.

How can Pipedrive automate and improve our sales?

Find out more. Free advice on Pipedrive in Germany.

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Testing Pipedrive

Pipedrive Partner Germany

Pipedrive for small and medium-sized enterprises, companies and

Pipedrive was ranked as the leading CRM in the CRM software category by Software Advice in the FrontRunner Quadrant, according to the Gartner method. FrontRunner analysis is a data-driven assessment that identifies products in the CRM software market that provide the best skills and value for businesses. Try Pipedrive now via Wemakefuture as your Pipedrive Expert & Integration Partner. Receive Pipedrive free of charge for 30 days with up to three users.

Why Pipedrive for my company?

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Pipedrive Integration - CRM Migrating

Wemakefuture as a pipedrive expert for the German market helps you to use CRM successfully and legally securely.

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Overview and Salespipe in Pipedrive

Clear visual user interface that helps you take sales measures and helps you stay informed about all business dealings.


Sales optimization and automation

Understand where you lose deals and identify opportunities for improvement. Optimize your sales control and automation.

Pipedrive Deutschland CRM

Extensive CRM

Whenever you perform an activity, Pipedrive reminds you to plan the next one. You can even automate this process —don't forget anything.



We have customers who use Pipedrive to manage workflows, sign-ups, complicated projects, reward programs, and more.


Pipedrive for on the go

With the mobile apps for iPhone and Android, you can design sales from anywhere, anytime. Be up-to-date and don't miss anything.

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Automation consultancy.

Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you free of charge, independently and offer our expertise.

Why Pipedrive with Wemakefuture?

We implement Pipedrive in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are happy to help you get the most out of Pipedrive and your digital goals with our broad expertise.

Pipedrive is considered the easiest sales tool by the leading software review site G2Crowd. We do not have a 200-page function list and no two-day training. Just sign in, fill your pipeline and start selling. You want a bit more automation – no problem. We integrate complex APIs into Pipedrive.

Pipedrive, the secure CRM system for businesses

Pipedrive can be used in Germany as a GDPR-compliant CRM system and can support your sales in a targeted manner.

We believe in sales as a success factor for companies in Germany. We offer a product that makes the sales process easier, more automatic and clearer. It’s visual, intuitive and customizable, and our users choose to stay logged in all the time. That’s our goal – to use CRM in everyday life.

From suggestions to e-signatures to automatic lead scoring. With more than 100 of your favorite applications and integrations available on the Pipedrive marketplace, you can equip yourself with everything you need to sell with certainty. If this is not enough, we, as Zapier experts, offer further solutions for your company.

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