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Create unique processes through modular cloud automation. n8n lets your applications talk to each other and relieves you of tedious administration.

n8n: Service provider and Implementation

How can n8n help you?

Cloud automation with n8n: Eliminate copy and paste and let bots run your recurring processes. With n8n we implement an innovative solution for time-consuming tasks.

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Integration with all your applications. With the low-code platform n8n, we integrate your apps and create seamless, automated business processes.

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Airtable works with the tools you already use and know. This is how we expand the platform with your personal requirements.

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Using a modular view with multi-triggering function, we can model even complex processes. This is how we implement exactly the solution you need.

We offer premium

n8n Support

Benefit from our cloud automation experience. With n8n, we take your processes to the next level through cloud automation.

With our premium support, we also don’t leave you alone with your automation: receive exclusive benefits for the maintenance of your processes after project completion. So that your automations create sustainable added value.

What makes n8n special?

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n8n as a no-code and low-code platform

N8n is a low-code platform that makes automation a reality for everyone through little to no programming. This way, in a modular view, your used apps are linked with each other and automatically exchange data. From Office365 to Hubspot to GSuite, everything is included and complemented by HTTP requests, webhooks, JavaScript or HTML if required.


n8n as the first open-source tool

n8n follows an open, fair-code licensed model that already exists for other software, but is unique in the world of iPaaS. Thanks to the available source code, we can expand your integrations in a targeted manner, fall back on extensive community support and, if desired, host the automations on your servers.

Automation consultancy.

Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you free of charge, independently and offer our expertise.

n8n.cloud for your business processes

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Integrate your processes seamlessly and sustainably

Your automations in n8n grow with you and adapt flexibly to changing conditions. Sustainable, high-performance integrations with n8n.


Scale your business with modular integrations

No matter what, your integrations grow with you. New requirements and changed processes are no problem thanks to modular developments in n8n.

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Experience security through open source code

Using a modular view with multi-triggering function, we can model even complex processes. This is how we implement exactly the solution you need.

Why n8n

with wemakefuture?

n8n offers a modular interface and numerous possibilities to integrate your apps and processes. With wemakefuture, you extend the tool with many years of experience in process automation, professional implementation and premium support. This is how we ensure that we get the best out of n8n and your processes.

Oh yes! n8n is the only tool of its kind that is based on open source. This means that you can host n8n yourself on any server, ensuring maximum security and customisation.

Not at all. With n8n.cloud, the German iPaaS tool offers the possibility to use n8n in the cloud in the usual way and to integrate processes. This not only saves on maintenance and support, but is also flexible and extremely scalable. In case of doubt, we always recommend cloud-based automation.

It all depends! n8n enables great automations without any code. The intuitive view makes it easy to connect apps and keep track of everything. Nevertheless, it is advantageous to add some code in many places. Webhooks, JSON or JavaScript are used for this. This is where wemakefuture helps as an automation professional.

Export your processes as JSON file

Fast app development if something is missing

Multi triggering for processes, so that processes can be triggered from different points

Premium support after project completion with wemakefuture