Mastering complexity with Integromat

Integromat partners and experts: help, support and development. Develop automated processes with Integromat and automate individual ideas and platforms.

Automate processes in a complex way with individual ideas and platforms.


Process automation with Integromat: Discover groundbreaking capabilities and an affordable way to get tasks done in your business. All this offered by the first German Integromat partner. We are also an Integromat Gold Partner and one of the top 10 Integromat partners worldwide.


Mastering complexity with Integromat

Integromat is the complex automation solution. Integromat redefines the extensive work automation so that employees can concentrate on the essentials again.


Automation 24/7

Integromat automates processes that you currently process manually. It is not only able to connect applications, but can also transfer and transform data 24/7 in more than 500 applications.


Creating connections

Direct support for the most popular applications and services. With HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules, we can integrate almost any web service, allowing you to automate virtually all of your enterprise cloud and Internet operations.

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We are certified

Integromat Partner

What does that mean exactly? This means that we have been rated as experienced and competent by Integromat itself.

We know Integromat inside out, get exclusive features from Integromat and can use our contacts at Integromat if there are any problems.

Moreover, our project does not end after handover: with us, you receive premium support after project completion, so that your automation continues to create added value for a long time.

Automation consultancy.

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Integromat: Advantages and Opportunities

Professionals for automation

Integromat is the solution to hand over redundant and mindless tasks. This way you spend less time on such necessary but time-consuming activities. This is made possible by connecting your existing web applications. This is done via so-called APIs (programming interfaces), which let programs talk to each other. Connect nearly every Cloud-Tool to increase the organisation and productivity of your company.

Process automation with Integromat

Process automation with Integromat

Every day, countless applications are used for the most diverse purposes: mails, accounting, administration, ERP, marketing or communication. They all share the same basis: data. And often even the exact same data, such as customer information. Instead of always having to maintain the same data in different applications, you can keep track of everything with Integromat. Integromat automates data flows and entire workflows – in other words, process automation. This saves valuable hours every week that can instead be used for value creation.

Use Cases
for Integromat

Use Cases
for Integromat

As accounting is highly standardised and characterised by recurring processes, it is an excellent field for automation. As a user, you certainly use other software and tools besides your accounting software. If you automate accounting, you reduce the effort for data maintenance and manual processes to a minimum.

By using Integromat, we can integrate accounting with many other frequently used apps, e.g. mails, CRM, shop software, ERP or cloud storage:

Automatically transfer invoices from your emails to accounting software and cloud storage locations

Automatically bill project times from your project management including legally compliant invoicing

Maintain master data in only one place and synchronise it instead of changing it individually in CRM, Marketing, ERP and Accounting

Sales automation helps you increase sales, create long-term loyalty and thus drives your business forward. The entire customer journey can be seamlessly integrated so you can better engage your leads, lose fewer leads and turn them into satisfied customers. Customer onboarding, quality management, customer journeys – they are all part of a close and successful customer relationship. And they can all be automated.

Optimise customer communication and no longer lose track of which phase a lead is in

Integrate your CRM with communication channels and get all important information for personalised sales

Accompany the entire onboarding process with automated emails for long-term satisfied customers

More and more online shops also mean more and more competition for existing online businesses. By automating your shop and administrative tasks, you free up more time for real value creation, nurturing new ideas, creating a unique customer relationship and everything in between.

The ordering process, accounting, marketing – all this is based on data. Instead of managing them manually and wasting a lot of time, you can automate almost all recurring processes. As your shop or business grows, Integromat and your automations simply grow with it.

Create unique customer journeys, for example by adding personalised greetings and photos to shipping notifications.

Automate your inventory management based on seasonality, moving average as well as minimum value and always be prepared

Rely on an integrated solution instead of fragmented individual solutions

Whether newsletter marketing or lead ads: you always have to manage the balancing act between individuality and low effort. In times of flooded inboxes, email marketing must therefore stand out and offer added value. The same applies to display ads, which should not be lost in the crowd. This is exactly what Integromat achieves through individualised marketing campaigns.

Based on the customer status in the CRM, your leads receive newsletter marketing that really fits their current needs

Stop losing leads on your homepage and launch targeted retargeting ads that increase conversion

Offer your target group unique marketing experiences that stand out from the crowd

What is Integromat?

How can Integromat automate our company?

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Why Integromat

with Wemakefuture?

The role of Integromat is to seamlessly connect your applications/services so that you can focus on new tasks instead of repeating the same tasks over and over again. Integromat works by connecting your favorite applications/services through the relevant modules. Wemakefuture creates automation with Integromat, which automatically transmits and transforms your data for you. We help you create an automation that pays attention to new data in an app/service and connects the various programs for the desired final result and automatically performs the defined tasks.

As integromat experts, we help companies to work successfully in the cloud and as a certified expert for business processes we design successful digital customer journeys and innovations.

One of the many great features of Integromat is the ability to connect almost any web service to a scenario.

Integromat supports the following types of permissions:

Basic permission