Fair Development Policy

Of course, we develop all projects according to the highest standards and demands for data protection, timeliness, implementability and spend a lot of time understanding and optimising processes in advance. Nevertheless, we operate in a field that is constantly changing and regularly brings new changes and developments. That is why we have drawn up this Fair Development Policy, which is to be understood as a common basis for our projects.

  1. There is no test data. What does that mean? We test our automations with real data.
  2. It can happen that, for example, unknown test data can lead to changes and later adaptations.
  3. Wemakefuture is very happy to help optimise the process. However, there can always be changes that are unpredictable and that clients need to be involved in.
  4. If customers change their passwords, they must either inform wemakefuture or change them themselves in the automations. Please also note the current price-performance table.
  5. To ensure that the automations work, we need comprehensive rights in your systems to access the customer data. We offer an NDA, DPA and other contracts that meet the highest data protection standards.
  6. If development is not possible during an API integration at one point, our effort is not to be borne by the customers.