Why you shouldn’t hire Fiverr or Upwork freelancers


On Fiverr there is an offer of numerous Freelancers for almost all services: Creating websites, setting up automation, creating logos or corporate designs, writing blog posts… Without platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, the digital economy would certainly look very bleak. People from all over the world can offer their services and customers from all over […]

Zapier alternatives: These tools can keep up

Zapier Alternatives 4 tools

You’ve reached the depths of cloud automation and are completely overwhelmed by the different terms, tools and applications? You read the name of Zapier, Zaps, Workflows and Integrations everywhere and you don’t know what to think anymore? Feel you. We would like to take this opportunity to present Zapier alternatives and give you an overview […]

Zapier pricing and alternatives: Cheap tools for Cloud-Automation

Zapier pricing and alternatives

Zapier = Cloud-automation and cloud-automation = Zapier, right? Well, not completely. Sure, Zapier is THE name in the world of cloud-automation, that´s mentioned and readable everywhere and for good reason. However, we want to present Zapier price alternatives, because Zapier pricing can be unattractive, especially for newbies in the world of cloud-automation. We´ll introduce you […]

The ultimate Zapier Examples post: Top 10 everyday examples

Zapier examples

Looking for Zapier examples? We got them. We have searched the whole (yes, the whole) Internet for one bundled post to capture the countless possibilities of Zapier. If you’re still missing something, you can simply browse through the suggestions Zapier has for your apps and their integration. Here we go. What is Zapier all about? […]

Zapier vs. Integromat: battle of the Cloud-Automation iPaaS

Zapier vs. integromat

Automate processes, outsource redundant work or design customer journeys brilliantly, both can be done with Zapier and Integromat. But which of the two cloud process automation tools is better? And why not compare Zapier to Automate.io? Integromat vs. Zapier – Which one’s better? – Zapier or Integromat? Zapier vs. Integromat: comparison. We don’t want to […]

Zapier Privacy: After ECJ Ruling: Does Zapier comply with European data protection law?

Zapier Privacy affected by ECJ judgement

The European Court of Justice has overturned the “Privacy-Shield” that has governed data protection and exchange between the EU and the USA so far. This means that the second agreement, after the 2015 Safe Harbor Agreement, has already been declared invalid by the highest European court and now raises some questions for business practice. We […]