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We are an innovative start-up that constantly strives for creating something new. We focus on appreciative, self-responsible and fulfilling work.


We are Germany's first
Cloud Automation Agency.

We are a small team of young character-strong personalities. We come from completely different industries with individual backgrounds. We are united by the vision that automation will make the future more liveable. We work motivated and ambitious on a wide range ofprojects and tasks in which everyone contributes their strengths.

We live personal freedoms, variety, freedom of design, fun and maximum transparency. We want everyone to contribute their ideas, to voice their criticisms and to work together on the future. We believe that colleagues are morethan just people you deal with at work. Weare proud of our harmonic and appreciative teamwork

We are working on the future so we also work as in the future: location- and timeindependent,efficient, in a team, interdisciplinary,, with a touch of chaos. Wecreate a lot of ideas during a week,so no week looks like the other . We love variety, Flexibility, fun and commitment. No matter what the background, you are welcome.

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of the future

You won’t find rigid hierarchies or entrenched structures with us. But a lot of this:


Are you looking for a new challenge in the field of IT, or have you always wanted to make the switch to IT? Apply on your own initiative. Tips for applying to us can be found below in the FAQ.
We are always looking for people who want to learn to code, shape the future or simply do an internship.

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Get to know us and our team.

Who better to describe our culture than our employees? We asked around and this is what came out:

“We are a young, dynamic and restless team. There is little uncertainty about the direction in which we are moving because there is always leadership in which we have confidence. Important things are discussed, opinions are heard and in the end we make decisions and follow through.
Our team consists of very different personalities with different backgrounds, who are all open to change and keen to learn new things. Optimism and motivation are what make us special. We have little love for bureaucracy or tedious tasks. It can happen that it is left lying around when no one is paying attention to it.”

about the application?

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You like to decide for yourself how your day looks without losing track. Teamwork and innovation are easy for you, you communicate openly and are always interested in developing further.

With us, no week looks like the other and we are constantly evolving. Of course, we will give you this opportunity as well Maybe we see development potential in you or you will find your own topics in which you want to deepen your knowledge. No one should step on the spot with us, so we like to open the doors for you.

We know how difficult it is to formulate a convincing cover letter. We attach great importance to individuality and to getting to know you better. That’s why you’d rather answer these three questions, instead of a pre-made cover letter, that some career website has recommended to you:

How would your best friend describe you?

Why did you choose this career path?

What does your dream job look like?

Why do you get up in the morning?

You are welcome to apply via our application page.

Your contact person is Franzi.

Send us your unsolicited application. Please take note of our questions in your cover letter and let us know in which area you would like to contribute and where you see yourself in our company. We’re glad to contact you and discuss our possibilities together.

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