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Get the most out of your
Automation project.

Automation leads your company into the future It helps to replace manual processes and thus increase efficiency, minimize costs and optimize processes. From everyday routine tasks to complex processes, anything is possible.  This way, you have more time to move your business forward instead of just managing it.


Let RKW support your automation project as part of digitization consulting

Digital Machine Age

Digital analysis to create and anchor digital products with the goal of a digital organization

Guide your employees

Digitization without employees will not work. We help you with education and trainings.

Turnover and profit

Automation enables employees to increase productivity while investing in further development.

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Automate. Improve. Succeed.

We advise you free of charge, independently and offer our expertise.

Your requirements are as individual as your company - automation opens up new possibilities

Cloud automation requires a three-step process. We explain it:



Before each successful project stands the individual analysis of procedures and business processes.

We help you identify and analyze challenges to overcome them in the next step. We perform an in-depth process analysis, find ways to improve and propose a newly designed digital workflow.

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Can our processes be automated? Arrange a first free consultation with us. We advise you and offer our expertise.


We attach great importance to close cooperation with you throughout the entire project. In this way, we ensure that the result meets your expectations.

In an iterative process, we create new solutions, align your systems, develop new workflows and integrate applications. We then map out automated workflows that optimize your processes and support them sustainably.



Clearly, the automation of your company processes will change a lot. We make sure everyone is taken along on this journey.

All process steps, data flows, applications and systems are extensively tested and make automation the profitable core of your business processes. To ensure that this remains the case, we train your staff and hand over skills.


Can our processes be automated? Arrange a first free consultation with us. We advise you and offer our expertise.

Process automation:
How it works

Whether it’s a customer journey or a specific requirement. We analyse your process and give you ideas on how you can use automation for your benefit. Automated together.

The focus is always on your individual wishes. With our experience from numerous successful automation projects, we will find exactly the solution that suits you.

Automation opportunities

We will introduce you to your automation capabilities and discuss the project sequence of automation from your business processes.


Wemakefuture develops your process- and customer journey- automation. Iteratively and agilely, we convert your processes into automated company processes.

Rollout of automation

The automation of your company processes will change a lot. We are aware of this and take your hand during the rollout.


We accompany you and pass on our knowledge. We want to lead you into an independent IT situation. That's why we train your team members so they can manage automation.

Automation consultancy.

Non-binding. Competent.

We advise you independently and offer our expertise.

Our offers are eligible for certain companies within the framework of digitalization consulting:

Process automation with IT solutions

Digital business models and customer journeys: New service- and product- innovations and services

Possible in all areas of the company or between companies and customers or suppliers (ordering operations, warehousing, production, archiving, etc.) Introduction of cloud business software solutions, e.g. IT-supported management systems, modeling of business processes and automation of business processes.

Web applications for customer journeys with a focus on usability, e.g. websites, apps, online distribution channels, e.g. web shops, eSupport, electronic marketplaces and automated, personalized and multi-channel customer contact.

Ensuring IT security

Support during the implementation of necessary measures, e.g. cloud computing, digital encryption, mobile access techniques, electronic signatures, organization and protection of data

Source: RKW Hessen

How do companies become ready for the machine age?

Digital analysis

Complete, enterprise-wide digital analysis and auditing. Find the digital strength of your employees and set a digital and automation strategy to get a clear understanding of your business. We often find that companies do not have a uniform and clear digital strategy, and we are happy to help develop them in our analysis.

Digital products

Digital transformation doesn’t just mean implementing digital platforms and cutting-edge technologies – it’s about achieving growth by committing to the principles of the digital age (AI, automation, and robotics).

Digital organization

Companies that successfully meet the challenge of digital transformation are digitally developed companies. They use digital transformation to be relevant to customers and grow over the long term.

Digitization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and create new opportunities for revenue and value creation.
It is the process of transition to a digital company. Automation describes being able to operate these technologies without interaction and media breaks (even without employees).

Teaching digital literacy:
Digitization without employees will not work. Find the digital strengths and weaknesses of your workforce through automation and act successfully. With our partner Platformer, we also offer digital education and training.

Let’s break these numbers down using a hypothetical Dax-30 company. Suppose the average company has 50 employees, with an average of 1 CEO per company. These employees earn on average 50,000 euros per year (or 25 euros/hr), while the managers earn 150,000 euros per year. Employees who save 240* hours a year through automation offer their employers almost €6,000 a year in savings. (*240 hours is the average time saving of Zapier Zaps). Source:

This is a critical moment for companies and especially for those with decision-making skills in leadership. How will you shape the future?

As automation and AI continue to change human behavior and the way we run our businesses, companies and workers need to proactively adapt their workforce and career to the evolution of technology. Digital transformation will force companies and workers to grow together, not separately. Since the first stone tools, technological advances have always been an expression of human ingenuity and our desire to create a more meaningful life.

Now, with automation and AI, companies can increase the productivity of their most important and expensive asset— their employees— while giving employees time to invest in their careers and development.

For us, it is not endless talking, workshops or ideas that come first. We are makers – wemakefuture. We are a technology-driven company. We compare the opportunities of the technology to the actual value it creates for companies and customers and make recommendations. Just practice, processes, employees and customers in one focus.

Processes: Automate and digitize.

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