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How does the RPA work?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software-based technology in which software robots perform the human execution of a business process. This means that an RPA performs the task on a computer that a human employee would perform as well. An RPA clicks, types, opens applications, uses keyboard shortcuts, and more.

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Why an RPA?

There are some tasks performed by employees that you can automate The everyday and repetitive tasks on the computer can be automated. Booking appointments, checking e-mails or repetitive searches can be automated.

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Implementing RPA

We look at your work processes and record them. Then we analyze the work steps in your company. We then find a decision as to whether automation is possible. We are experts in automation and usually find a solution.

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Boosting profit

We roll out your automation and take over the testing. Then your process runs automatically and you save costs and emissions. Our vision is to make companies more automatic and faster, reduce emissions and reduce costs.

How can Automagica automate our company?

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Why Automagica with Wemakefuture?

Automagica is a Smart Robotic Process Automation (SRPA) platform for fully automating tedious, manual tasks with software. This open source RPA is for the open source Python library, which contains all Automagica building blocks. With Automagica, automation management of cross-platform processes becomes a breeze. With this open source library, we offer businesses a comprehensive and consistent wrapper for well-known and experienced automation libraries.

Booking and invoice automation

Do you often search for invoices, files or make reviews manually?


Sales, Marketing and Purchasing

Automate customer-business interaction. Show interaction and proximity.


Tracking or posting events

You track or post regular metrics on the Internet such as Prices, times or comparisons.


Global and Communicative

Communicate, measure, and increase your local and communication for your brand.


Search and research

You are looking for companies, people or other information for your company on the Internet.


1,000,000 and more

Our Pythson automation offers over 1,000,000 possibilities


Get your employees to communicate better with each other. Automation eliminates errors in file processing completely. Optimize your business processes to reduce latency, become more efficient and consume less emissions.

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